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From research to benefits

An healthy and radiant skin is the result of accurate responses to daily needs. In Clémoonie Biodynamic Skincare products, nature and biotechnology work together to meet your lifestyle.

Clémoonie Biodynamic Skincare wellness treatments are designed to offer the skin the nutrients it needs right when it needs it: they rebalance, redensify and regenerate the skin, counteracting the aging effects, giving to the skin a younger and brighter appearance.
A sort of wellness pathway from which the whole-body benefits.
A long-lasting action for these chrono-active beauty formulas.

A skin care that follow you all day long.

Un Made in Italy per il benessere naturale

I nostri principi attivi provengono direttamente dalla natura: alcuni sono estratti direttamente da piante terrestri e marine, altri sono ottenuti partendo da substrati vegetali e lavorati con tecniche di biotecnologia per ottenere delle formule potenziate e particolarmente efficaci.

Clémoonie Skyncare product lines, can be described as natural Cosmetology, combined with biotechnology derivatives.

The products are Nickel tested, dermatologically tested. They do not contain petroleum derivatives, silicones, parabens, substances of animal origin, EDTA, SLS and SLES. and are cruelty-free

CLÉMOONIE: from research to benefits

Clémoonie Biodynamic Skincare offers you treatments that counteract skin chrono-aging, skin aging that according to Physiology begins already from the age of 25. A synergy of Active Principles that act in a biodynamic way at different levels and that support the skin's defense function and counteract aging, during all phases of the day and night, giving a radiant, hydrated and compact skin

Year after year, your ally against time

Our body and circadian rhythm work in perfect "synchrony" with time and for this they need a balanced sun exposure, with alternation of light and dark.

Often, however, a lifestyle stressful, wrong habits and excessive sun exposure can stimulate premature skin aging.

The chrono-active treatments of Clémoonie Biodynamic Skincare, can be used starting from the age of 25, and then accompany us in every phase of life and throughout the day.

Skincare Biodinamico a lunga durata

All treatments are Biodynamic because they have been formulated to interact with the skin, a non-static but highly dynamic structure, respecting its characteristics. Beauty formulas that nourish the skin, counteract skin aging and fortify its barrier function.

Formulations rich in nourishing and regenerating oils, active moisturizing principles, minerals, antioxidants, vitamins and peptides are easy absorption and penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin.
Clémoonie products have the ability to hydrate for a long time and take care of the skin at any time of the day, through active ingredients that have been researched and chosen to enhance the beauty and radiance of the skin. and counteract its aging.

Nature: a treasure to protect

Clémoonie Biodynamic skincare, formulated to enhance the charm of each person in the different phases of Life, in harmony with nature and the Universe, was inspired by the Moon and the lunar cycle, but is founded on the

Science and the active ingredients that Mother Nature offers us.

We want to live in "balance with nature" and for this reason all the products in the line respect the environment: minimize waste of raw materials occurred during the production, the paper we use participates in the protection of forests and the packaging is made of recyclable materials, therefore your participation in the correct disposal after use is also requested.