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Cookie Policy

Extended declaration on the use of cookies

Pursuant to article 13 of legislative decree no. 196/2003 (Code regarding the protection of personal data) and to the provision issued by the Authority for the protection of personal data Legislative Decree n. 679/2016, DrGm srl, with registered office in Rome Via Del Tritone, 169, registered in the business register of Rome with the number 12984071006 (Clemoonie) hereby provides the following information on the use of cookies on its website.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a short text string that is sent to the browser and, possibly, saved on a computer, smartphone or any other device used to access the Internet, every time a website is visited.

We use cookies for various purposes, in order to offer a fast and secure digital experience, for example, allowing you to maintain an active connection to the private area while browsing through the pages of the site; to store credentials in a secure mode; and to identify the pages of the site that have already been visited, in order to prevent them from being proposed again. Cookies stored on the computer cannot be used to recover other data from the hard disk; or to transmit computer viruses; or to identify and use the owner's email address. Each cookie is unique to the browser and device used to access the Clemoonie website.

The cookies used by Clemoonie and their purpose

Technical cookies

Navigation cookies

These cookies are necessary to navigate the Clemoonie website; enable functions such as authentication; validation; management of a browsing session; and fraud prevention.

They are cookies that:

  • Allow you to verify that access to the private area has taken place correctly.
  • Allow you to easily navigate through the pages of the site.

Your prior consent is not necessary for the use of these cookies.

Functionality cookies

These cookies provide additional functions and allow us to keep track of the visitor's choices, such as the selection of the language.

They are cookies that:

  • Allow you to remember the preferences and credentials used.

Analytical cookies

These third-party cookies allow you to collect information on the use of the Site by users.

They are cookies that:

  • Allow to detect the number of visitors to the site; the pages visited; the time spent visiting the site etc.).

Social cookies

These third-party cookies allow users to interact with social networks (Facebook, Twitter).

They are cookies that:

  • They allow you to share site content through social networks.

Profiling cookies

These cookies, both by the Company and by third parties, are carefully selected and controlled and are used to ensure that the marketing messages received through our website or other websites used by the Company to transmit its advertising messages are in line with the visitor preferences. Our advertising policy is designed to offer relevant messages based on previous visits to our website, the most frequently visited pages and other visitor data.

They are cookies that:

  • If used together with other information about you, such as how our products and / or services are used, they allow you to recognize when accessing the reserved area and to send personalized marketing messages in line with your preferences of the visitor.

Management of cookie preferences

The user can choose at any time whether to accept or reject the use of cookies / pixel tags by simply changing the settings of his/her browser. Most Internet browsers (browsers) automatically accept cookies, but it is possible to set the browser to receive a warning message every time an operator tries to send cookies / pixel tags to the user and / or to prevent it from being used before acceptance. Most browsers report information on how to prevent the storage of cookies in the browser or on how to receive a warning before accepting cookies / pixel tags or on how to disable all cookies / pixel tags; this information is available in the "Help" menu, accessible from the toolbar.

Warning: the complete disabling of cookies from the browser could compromise the correct functionality of some parts of the Clemoonie website, such as - for example - the normal navigation of the site pages or the possibility of making purchases, up to the loss of personalization functions so that the offer of advertisements during the visit of the site cannot be targeted according to the interests of the user.